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Here are some websites you can explore:

If you are interested in college, be sure to take some time to visit a college or two (or more)if you can. If you cannot, some colleges have virtual tours you can watch online. Another way to learn about different colleges is to talk to others who have attended. Teachers are excellent resources for this purpose. You have many colleges represented by staff and faculty of Clayton High School who attended college, oftentimes more than one. Talk to them! Remember that in college, you are on your own. You go to class. You do your homework. You pick your friends. You keep your room clean. You solve your problems. You find resources. Practice those skills now so you are ready to stand on your own two feet when the time comes.

If you are uncertain about a career, ask friends, relatives and local businesses if you could job shadow for a day or a week. Think of yourself in others' shoes, doing what they do. Look for what you respect. Reflect on what is most important to you. What are your values? Ultimately, you want to be proud of what you have acheived and happy with the career role you will be responsible for once you have trained for it.

Volunteer to get some life experience and to give back to your community.  Here are a few examples of sources of information. Internet searches are easy, but verify your sources are safe, reputable, and let your parents know where you are going.  Maybe they would join you!  You can talk to your family, relatives, churches, organizations that are constantly organizing volunteers and you choose when to attend.  There are lots of options, but you must seek them out and then follow through.  Here are just a few sources I found:

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