Parking Pass

Click here for a parking pass application!

Bring your completed application, money, and driver's license with you on your assigned pick-up date in order to receive your permit. 
Applications are also available in the main office.

Clayton High School Parking Rules

  • Cost of parking for students is $75.00. The price will be reduced to $37.50 on the first day of the second semester.

  • Student parking is a first come, first served program. Our sale of permits has traditionally been Seniors the first day, followed by Juniors the next day, then sales are open to all students for the remainder of the school year. This date is set based on the school calendar and schedule availability.

  • Students are allowed to request specific spaces as long as the space and lot containing that space is open and not previously spoken for or closed.

  • Parking permits are not transferrable among students for any reason.

  • Should a student need to change vehicles during the school year due to repairs or an accident, arrangements can be made at no cost to the student.

  • There are some students who share vehicles with parents or other family members. Any student may obtain multiple decals for shared vehicles at an additional cost of $5.00. Each decal requires a separate registration form. (example: Little Susie drives Dad’s truck on M/T, then Mom’s car W/T/F. Cost would be 75+5= 80 and a form for both vehicles.)

  • Any vehicle without a decal is subject to be towed. Students are expected to park in their assigned space only. Students are not allowed to park in a fellow student’s spot because it is raining or because the other student was not present.

  • If a parent needs to exchange a vehicle during the school day for any reason they may do so by signing in at the main office or guard shack as a visitor, then approaching the vehicle. This is for the safety of the students as well as the security of the student’s vehicles.

  • Any vehicle parked on campus is subject to search should there be a reasonable suspicion to do so.

  • Should an accident occur, Clayton Police Department will handle the incident. It will be up to the student to notify the parent of the incident.

  • There will be overflow parking available beside the guard shack should a student arrive and his/her assigned space be occupied. The student should not park in the next spot over. The students should use the overflow spaces.

  • The campus-wide speed limit is 15 mph. There are no exceptions. NO careless or reckless driving will be tolerated.

  • Parking permit decals will be affixed to the rear glass of the vehicle in the lower driver's side corner. All vehicles must be forward-facing in the assigned space with license plate and decal exposed. NO backing into a parking space during school hours.

  • Students will utilize the overflow spaces should their space be occupied upon arrival at school.

  • Students will respect parking attendants and teachers on duty in parking areas at all times. This includes stopping the vehicle when requested to do so.


  • Parking decals or locations: First incident: warning; second incident: documentation and parent notification; third incident: vehicle will be towed at owner's expense.

  • Disrespect towards staff: These violations will be handled by staff per school board policy.

  • Driving violations: Any driving violation will be subject to the laws of North Carolina as well as the following -- First incident: up to a 5-day loss of parking privileges; second incident: up to a 10-day loss of parking privileges; third incident: loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the year without refund.

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